Introducing Fastblocks

Fastblocks is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) product, that aims to lower the threshold of accessing IoTeX data and solve the problems that arise when building nodes by yourself such as environmental consistency, security, network speed and storage space. The Fastblocks platform is based on an advanced, dynamically scalable, and microservice-driven architecture, providing a service of resilient and dedicated nodes customized for IoTeX. Fastblocks allows users to quickly create an IoTeX node just by operating within its interface (
The platform also provides an application programming interface (API) to query blockchain data and facilitate the operations related to the development of dApps (decentralized applications).
Fastblocks services include:
  • Dedicated Nodes
Developers can use dedicated nodes that are officially supported by the IoTeX team to get better blockchain access and performance. Dedicated nodes will only accept calls from their respective users.
  • Multi-region
Fastblocks supports the creation of nodes in multiple regions around the world to achieve a globally distributed, data-based architecture and optimize network call-time and availability.
  • Multi-Network Support
Support for IoTeX Mainnet and Testnet, which gives developers full flexibility when choosing a network.
  • Fully Managed Service
Once a node has been created, the IoTeX team will take care of updating node tasks and subsequent maintenance while guaranteeing the stable operation of the nodes.
Last modified 8mo ago