🔰Generate Delegate by AI

Fastblocks has launched a new AI tool . The purpose of this tool is to facilitate the registration of Delegate nodes, thereby enhancing user experience significantly.

In the past, users were required to provide a plethora of information while registering a Delegate node, such as Delegate name, Delegate bio, logo, and banner. However, this process could become tedious and time-consuming due to the vast amount of data needed.

Now, with the help of Fastblocks' AI Info Generator tool, users only need to provide a few key pieces of information, and the system will generate all the other required information automatically. This greatly improves the efficiency of users during the registration process.

To use the Fastblocks' AI Info Generator tool, follow these steps:

Log on to Fastblocks at: https://www.fastblocks.io

Choose the "AI Info Generator" option from the toolbar

Input the keyword information of the Delegate you wish to create into the tool

Click the "Generate" button

The system will then generate a new set of Delegate information based on the keywords entered. If you are satisfied with the results, you can copy and paste these details into the Delegate registration form; if not, you can click the "refresh" button to regenerate.

The launch of Fastblocks' AI Info Generator tool marks another significant step in optimizing user experience. We firmly believe that this tool will bring revolutionary changes to the registration of Delegate nodes.

That's all about how to use Fastblocks' AI Info Generator tool. We sincerely welcome each user to try it and look forward to your valuable comments and suggestions.

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