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Managing your W3bstream service on Fastblocks is an intuitive process. Here is a detailed guide on how to do so.

Step 1: Log in and access your W3bstream service

First, you need to log in to Fastblocks.

Once logged in, you'll find an option called "Service" in the console. In this drop-down menu, choose "W3b Service".

This will open a page listing all of your w3bstream instances. You can manage these instances on this page. On this page, each instance will have its basic information, including:

"Service Name": This is the name of your service.

"Domain Name": This is the link to access your W3bstream Studio. Clicking the corresponding domain will take you to the W3bstream management console.

"Zone": This indicates the geographical location and availability zone where the W3bstream service was created.

Step 2: View details of W3bstream instances

In the W3bstream services list, choose the node card you wish to view.

Click on the "Details" button on this card, and you can enter the detailed information page of this instance.

On this page, you can see specific service information included in W3bstream, which may consist of W3bstream, Redis, PostgreSql, Mosquitto, and Prometheus.

This guide should help you to better understand and use your W3bstream service on Fastblocks.

Delete Node

Deleting your W3bstream node on Fastblocks is a straightforward process. Here are the specific steps.

Step 1: Unsubscribe from the W3bstream node

In the console, click on the "Orders" option and then select "W3b Orders". On this page, you need to find the W3bstream node subscription order you wish to cancel,and click on the button of "Terminate Service". You should know that the corresponding w3bstream instance will also be deleted once you unsubscribe this order successfully.

Confirm your choice in the “Terminate Service” dialog box. As soon as you click “Yes”, your subscription order will be cancelled, and the corresponding W3bstream instance will also be deleted.

Step 2: Confirm instance deletion

You can check the status of the order on the "W3b Orders" page to confirm whether the instance deletion has been completed. If deletion was successful, the status of the corresponding order will show as “Terminated”.

You can click on the “Details” button to access "Service Details" page to further check the status of the instance. If the instance has been successfully deleted, the status here will be shown as “Deleted”.

These are the complete steps for deleting a W3bstream node. At any time, if you no longer need a certain W3bstream node, you can follow these steps to unsubscribe from it and delete it.

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