Manage A Node

Node Upgrade

When creating a node, the "Auto Update" feature is enabled by default. Each of your instances will display both the current version of your node and the status of the "Auto Update" feature.
If "Auto Update" is ON, Fastblocks will automatically perform upgrades when a new version of IoTeX is released. You'll receive an "Automatic Upgrade Completed" confirmation email after each upgrade.
If "Auto Update" is OFF, you won't be able to enjoy the auto update service. (No worries, you can turn it back ON at any time).

Terminate Node

If you no longer wish to use a Fastblocks node and would like to cancel your subscription, simply select the "Orders" button on the left navigation menu, where you'll be able to see all the information pertaining to your orders. Once you've identified the order you'd like to delete, you should double-check that its Instance ID is indeed the correct one.
You can simply click on "node details" and the following modal will appear.
After confirming that the Instance ID is correct, you can close the "Node Package Details" window, and then click "Terminate Node" on the corresponding order.
The page will prompt a new modal called "Terminate Node Package". To confirm that you wish to unsubscribe and delete this instance, you can click "Yes", otherwise click "Cancel".
Note: Terminated node packages cannot be recovered! If you want to reuse these node packages, you'd have to buy them again.